According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, 2013 saw more than 10,000 jobs added to the energy sector, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the country. The market for top professionals is increasingly competitive as the demand for seasoned energy talent lags behind the supply. An expert industry recruiter can be your secret weapon in the war to acquire talent.


How can a recruiter help?

Find energy professionals that will really fit in at your company. Sometimes applicants aren’t quite what they appear to be on paper. A strong resume is great, but it’s often intangibles that determine whether a candidate is really the best fit for your culture and requirements. Tell your recruiter what you expect from your next hire – not just the credentials, education and background, but also the soft skills that will make a candidate a good fit for your team. A expert energy recruiter will take the information you share and narrow in on not only the most qualified candidate, but also one who will fit well within your organization.


Maximize your employment dollar.  Finding the right people can be expensive. Advertising, screening and interviewing candidates consumes a lot of time and money in any industry, but the energy industry’s specific requirements can make it particularly challenging. Not only is the talent pool smaller, but you are competing with other companies for the best people. A seasoned recruiter can help you cost effectively target your search so that you don’t waste time and money on a poorly targeted or scattershot approach.

Find passive candidates.  Your dream candidate probably won’t see your job posting. He or she is busy working and may not even be considering other opportunities.  A recruiter who knows the energy industry will know exactly where the most in-demand energy professionals are working and can contact and persuade them to consider you. They can even locate and call people who are currently working for your competitors.

Manage the hiring process.  Hiring new candidates can turn into an ordeal that really takes on a life of its own. Chances are that hiring is not the only thing on your to-do list. A good recruiter will do the up-front work for you, presenting you with just a few of the strongest candidates. You can interview with confidence – knowing that you are speaking to the best possible prospects. All you need to do is choose the one who can make the most positive impact on your business.

Strategic Contract Resources is an international organization focused on connecting our clients with the most sought after energy industry professionals. At SCR, Energy (power, oil & gas, and petrochemical) is our specialty. We know the industry, we know the people and we know how to bring the best candidates and companies together throughout the world. Contact us for additional information.



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