5 Reasons to Say Thank You More Often

We all know that it’s polite to say thank you for gifts and favors received. However, there’s no reason to interpret that narrowly or to be stingy in giving thanks. In the workplace, saying thank you is more than good manners – it builds morale and motivates employees.

The expression of thanks can be in the form of those two magic words, or it can be in the form of a token from an employee recognition and award program. These programs really do work, and are appreciated by both the entry-level employee and the seasoned veteran.

Here are five specific reasons to say thank you more often at work.


1. “Thank You” lets the employee know their contribution has been noticed. Most employees do their jobs conscientiously day after day, week after week, assuming that what they’re doing is valuable to the company but not receiving any confirmation. An expression of thanks or an award indicates to the employee that their work is appreciated and valued.


2. “Thank You” balances criticism. Employees sometimes receive criticism, either during the performance review process or whenever a problem arises. Even when warranted and when delivered in a sensitive manner, criticism deflates and dispirits the recipient. An expression of thanks balances that – it lifts the spirits and brightens the eyes.


3. “Thank You” boosts employee retention. Studies have consistently shown that employees are more likely to stay with a company where they feel recognized and appreciated.


4. One “Thank You” triggers a chain reaction. When someone receives a thank you or another token of recognition, there is often a desire to pass it on – and that chain of thanks can go on from person to person. This is the multiplier effect of an expression of thanks.


5. “Thank You” lets management know about high-quality performance. Since managers cannot monitor every employee’s performance at all times, an expression of thanks (when it comes from a peer or another manager) provides the recipient’s manager with useful information about their employee.


There are even more reasons to express thanks. It motivates other employees to do something exceptional so that they too will receive recognition. Also, recognition programs that use citations or plaques help employees in different parts of a company to learn more about their co-workers.



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