At SCR we are constantly asking questions to help uncover the best candidates for our clients requirements. While we ask questions all day, there are a few we don’t ask. Questions like: “Are you married?”, “Do you have kids?”, “What church do you attend?”, even “Have you ever been arrested?” are the type questions that can lead to discrimination issues – so by law it is illegal to even ask these questions.


Do you know what you can and can’t ask in an interview? Or if you are the candidate, do you know what questions you aren’t required to answer? shared a great list this month with all the questions you should avoid asking when conducting an interview. The list also includes alternative questions that solicit acceptable and relevant information about the candidate’s ability to perform job functions. Take a moment before you conduct your next interview to read through this list, there might be some questions included on the “off limits side” that surprise you!


Strategic Contract Resources is an international organization focused on connecting our clients with the most sought after energy industry professionals. At SCR, Energy (power, oil & gas, and petrochemical)  is our specialty. We know the industry, we know the people and we know how to bring the best candidates and companies together throughout the world. Contact us for additional information.

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