In today’s competitive economy motivated employees can make the difference between a company that survives and one that doesn’t. The employer who motivates employees to do effective work has a big advantage. Here are four ways to do just that.


1. Listen to employees. People feel affirmed when someone listens to them. Paying attention to what they say helps employees feel like they are valued. Also, people are motivated to do better work if their suggestions are taken seriously. This is a vitally important area.


2. Create ownership. Creating ownership is highly related to listening. Get to know what drives workers and, when feasible, mention how company goals fit in with their passions. That motivates employees to feel like company goals are their goals.


3. Simplify. Richard A. Shweder did a study of Zinacanteco Indian shamans in Mexico. He found that shamans are inclined to avoid confusion when confronted with external stimuli. They also are more likely to impose order on what they observe when compared with non-shamans [Lessa and Vogt, (Eds.) Reader in Comparative Religion, pp. 327, 329-330]. These findings make sense because people go to shamans with problems they cannot resolve. The shaman simplifies and clarifies. A boss needs to simplify, even oversimplify, so that employees know what is expected and don’t get sidetracked by problems. Workers are apt to be motivated when their job is clear and not open to various interpretations.


4. Delegate. Delegating shows confidence in the employees. It also makes them feel confident that they can do the job. Often they will want to do well and demonstrate that they are worthy of trust. Delegating is very motivating for workers who have the skills to complete the task at hand.


Motivating employees is a key to business success. Listening and creating ownership should contribute toward building a motivated workforce. Simplifying what is expected and delegating to skilled workers tends to have the same effect. It behooves the wise employer to put these four methods into practice.


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