Weather delays, mechanical problems and long security checks make air travel a hassle for business travelers. But, business travel is something we in the energy sector must deal with on a regular basis. These 4 simple steps can help minimize stress during your next business trip.


Pack Light – Waiting for checked luggage to arrive on the carousel can add thirty or forty minutes to the end of your flight. Everything you need for a business trip should fit into a carry-on bag. Before flying, double-check airline baggage restrictions so you don’t run into any unexpected problems during the security check.



Check in Online – Print your boarding pass at home rather than waiting to check in at the airport. It takes only a few minutes to check in online, and it will save you time and spare you the irritation of long lines.


Don’t Rush It – Fly early in the day so that in case there’s a delay or cancelation, you have time to spare for rebooking. In addition, always fly direct so that you don’t run the risk of a missed connection.


Dress Wisely – Shoes and clothing that contain metal parts can delay you during security checks. Opt for slip-on shoes rather than lace-ups, and don’t carry anything in your pockets. Dress comfortably yet professionally, just in case your flight is delayed and you need to head straight to a meeting from the airport.


When you’re traveling on business by air, you can’t control everything. But if you want to eliminate avoidable delays and problems, just follow the 4-step strategy for a smooth business trip and a pleasant return home.


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