Employers seek employees that will satisfy the needs of their organization. When employers post available positions, they want the best of the applicants they interview. At every available opportunity, show your prospective employer that you not only possess the necessary skills, but that you also have additional attributes that will potentially benefit their organization.

Marketing yourself involves the most familiar of job search tools such as the cover letter, resume, interview, and, in some instances, work samples. Presenting each of these tools provides you the opportunity to put your best foot forward, telling your story and why you are the best candidate for the position. Following are several ways you can increase your marketability using these job search tools.


Join a professional organization

Being a member of a professional organization has many favorable aspects. It provides you with a great network within your field of expertise. Rubbing elbows with individuals of varying degrees of professional rank gives you a chance to learn of new trends within your industry as well as discover job leads. Make your presence known by taking an active role within the organization. Volunteer to help coordinate events or try holding an office. This helps you to become a known mover and shaker within your industry.


Continue your education

Always look for opportunities to stay relevant in your field. The business world is dynamic and you should make an effort to keep pace with changes in technology or processes. Seek to acquire an advanced degree if that is the prevailing path of growth within your industry. However, if an advanced degree is not required, there may be certification programs that will benefit your professional progression. Take advantage of these opportunities to learn.


Be the expert

Transform into the “go to” person by becoming an expert in your field. Pinpoint your strengths and make them stronger. Stay abreast of current trends in your field and continue to educate yourself, training others when the opportunity presents itself. Being the expert shows your dedication to being the best at what you do. Managers will notice your expertise and prospective employers would appreciate having someone with your knowledge on their team.


Be helpful

Assisting someone in need shows your level of generosity. Use this concept to increase your marketability. Offer your services to a co-worker that may have a heavy workload. Volunteer your services to a local non-profit organization. Providing help to others builds a cache of goodwill that you may call upon later whenever you need good references.


View yourself like a premium product or service. How you market your skills and attributes to prospective employers will increase your chances of getting hired or promoted. If you lack certain skills, go out of your way to add them to your repertoire. Take control of your professional life by continuing to grow as a candidate. Make your next move your best move. Your future is at stake.


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