Employers often ask a lot of their staff. They expect them to show up to work with smiles on their faces and settle in to enjoy a day of solid, hard work. But many employees are often disengaged with their jobs and, as a result, become less productive. Few employers realize that they can take action to change this situation, and even fewer realize the reason for disengaged employees can actually be a direct result of their management style.


Constructive feedback

No one likes to be continually criticized, so do not provide feedback to your staff that always focuses on the negative. Feedback should be given in a way that encourages staff to improve, not knocks them down so they don’t give a damn. Yes, you are the manager. That title gives you more control than others, but you have to remember why you have that control. The goal of any good manager should be to support their team so they can work together to better the company. Think through what you want to accomplish before giving feedback and provide that feedback in a manner that will help you accomplish the desire effect.

Make feedback a regular practice, praising as well as suggesting ways to improve. Most importantly remember when you suggest improvements what your actual goal is and tailor your feedback as such.


Employees are people too

You as an employer may pay your employee’s wages, but that does not mean you own them. All your employees are deserving of your respect, just as you expect they respect you. Always treat your staff as individuals, as this will encourage them to make extra efforts for you in their work. If your environment is one where you want


Provide support

Always listen when an employee complains that they cannot perform their job because they lack the necessary support. Support covers many areas, including help from colleagues, suitable equipment and even understanding, such as allowing an employee to leave early because they have a situation in their home life. Being flexible in this way helps to engender staff loyalty.


Adequate training

Ensure that all levels of staff have adequate training for the role they are expected to perform. Employees who are performing their jobs without having been trained properly will be far less productive and may even be destructive in the long term. Only with adequate training can staff develop and help grow a business.


Lead by example

Avoid having one rule for senior employees and another for the rank-and-file. Nothing breeds discontent quite so easily as senior people failing to act in a responsible and respectful manner, and getting away with it. Encourage a ‘lead by example’ ethos to engender respect between all levels of the organization.


Organizations succeed when they act as a team. The best way to accomplish an environment where people want to contribute to that team effort is by treating employees equal and fair. We all have certain personalities in life we get along with better, but if you let these personal feelings change how you engage your employees then your personal needs are out-weighing your responsibility as a manager. Set aside your personal feelings and look to build a relationship with each member of your team in a manner that support the needs of the company. You can help boost productivity that benefits the entire company, by engaging with your employees and developing a consistent and fair management approach which creates a true sense of community and helps your company succeeded!


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