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5 Ways to Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude


  It is easy to allow a kernel of negativity to grow and consume your life. You mustn’t allow a bad attitude to destroy your motivation and put your life on hold. By keeping a positive mental attitude, you will feel better and achieve more success in life. Here are five ways to keep a… Read more »

Tips for Getting More Work Done… More Efficiently


  Are you someone who gets stuck when overwhelmed with too much to do? Do you sometimes have so many tasks to complete that you make little progress? Do you feel as though day upon day you’re getting nowhere? If you’d like to work through distractions, lower your feelings of being overwhelmed, and actually get… Read more »

4 Ways A Leader Can Motivate Their Team


In today’s competitive economy motivated employees can make the difference between a company that survives and one that doesn’t. The employer who motivates employees to do effective work has a big advantage. Here are four ways to do just that.   1. Listen to employees. People feel affirmed when someone listens to them. Paying attention… Read more »