The SCR Staffing And Recruiting Process

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Every SCR search, whether project to project or direct hire, begins with an in-depth discussion of your company’s needs and objectives. An SCR search consultant with direct industry experience conducts this discussion. Our goal is to clarify your hiring objectives, determine the desired skill set and experience level, and understand the organizational relationships that influence the candidate selection process.

Defined Term Staffing (Project To Project)

  • During the defined term staffing process, we tap into our network of proven specialists to ensure any candidate we offer you is both capable of the task at hand and has previously demonstrated excellence at the experience level needed
  • Each potential candidate is also evaluated to see if he or she is the appropriate “fit” for your organizational culture

Direct Hire Recruitment

  • On each search, SCR will establish specifications being used to guide the search and outline the responsibilities, ideal qualifications and criteria for success
  • A timeline for action will be established
  • SCR will assign a search team under the guidance of your search consultant and will begin sourcing and identifying candidates
  • Your search consultant will interview qualified candidates and provide a confidential, proprietary summary of the top candidates
  • After your review of the candidate summary, SCR will schedule meetings convenient and appropriate for both you and the candidate(s); SCR will then contact you and the candidate(s) to determine the next steps