There’s no question that the human resources landscape has changed over the past several years to accommodate technological advances. Namely, the use of social media and video have become more prominent, both in the hiring process and in day to day HR operations.

Hiring managers and job applicants have various ways of using technology to their advantage, specifically video. Recruiters can conduct interviews via video, either prerecorded by the candidates or in real time. They can also produce videos specifically intended to attract applicants, highlighting the available positions and providing a general overview of the company. Finally, applicants themselves have a chance to show off their creativity through original video presentations of their skills and expertise.

From a human resources perspective, video interviews can save companies both money and time. The following are some of the best reasons for hiring managers and HR managers to employ video interviews of candidates.


Financial Savings

The recruiting process for many companies includes significant travel costs, for the HR staff to meet potential candidates in their locations–such as at local job fairs–or for the candidates to travel to the company. Often, this option is only financially feasible when the candidate is a finalist for the position.

Using video interviews allows for a broader geographic reach during the early rounds of interviewing. As a result, the ability to interview more qualified candidates during the first phases of the interview process will yield more qualified candidates to choose from for the final interviews. Freeing up financial resources typically devoted to travel expenses during the interview process allows companies to dedicate more of their financial resources to things like relocation bonuses to attract the best and the brightest talent – regardless of location.


Time Savings

Time is money, as the saying goes, so saving time should be just as important to your bottom line as minimizing expenses. Some HR experts estimate that taking advantage of video applications and video interviews can save you up to two weeks during the hiring process…which translates to a big financial savings, specifically when the position you are interviewing for is a critical need that is vacant.

Typical interviews require an initial phone screening, along with extensive note taking, either in person or over the phone. When there are multiple people on the hiring committee, traditional interviews also require coordination to accommodate their schedules. With videos, especially prerecorded submissions, members of the hiring committee can view them at their convenience, even when they’re away from the office. Using video interviews to save time often results in the bonus of the employer actually earning money faster, when they fill open positions sooner and the new hire can begin sooner to generate revenue or support generation of revenue right away.

Traditional interviewing techniques could cost your business a great deal of money and valuable time. Prior to beginning your search, consider the proven advantages of using video interviews. Whether your perfect candidate lives around the corner or halfway around the globe, the hiring process will be made easier for all participants and likely strengthen your talent pool.


At SCR we employ, and make available to our clients at no cost, the latest in video interviewing software. The current software utilized by SCR allows candidates and managers to join a video conference via a “one-click” link that can be accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets, or even smartphones – making “face-to-face” interviews easier and more cost effective than ever before! Now conducting face-to-face interviews isn’t reserved for the final candidate but can be used for the first round screening in place of phone interviews to allow you access to conduct deeper dive interviews with more candidates, faster and more cost effective than ever before. SCR takes our role of finding the best possible candidates to meet our clients’ needs serious. Offering our clients better access to the talent we represent via video interviewing is just one more example of how we make our clients’ job of hiring with confidence easier. Are you interested in learning more about the SCR difference? Call our Client Services Manager, Jessica Rader, today at 678-809-5497 to learn how we can help you meet your hiring goals in 2017.

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