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The 5 Cs of Leadership – Skills to Screen For When Hiring New Employees


Are you recruiting new team members for your company? Do you want to hire employees who will remain with your firm for the long-term? An excellent way to pick winners instead of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ employees is to screen for leadership skills during the interview process. Be on the lookout for the following five… Read more »

The Key to Business Success – It’s Still “All About the People!”


If you own, lead or manage a successful business operation, you’ve probably come to realize that your most valuable asset is the people you hire. These are the people you will interact with on a daily basis. You have spent time, money and energy to ensure that they have the qualities you require. If your… Read more »

Interview Tips – What Does Your Nonverbal Communication Say About You?


Interview Tips – Why Nonverbal Communication Is Important   Your body language can make or break your next job interview.  No matter how qualified you are for a job, how impressive your accomplishments, and how accurately you respond to the interviewer’s questions, the success of your next job interview will depend a great deal on… Read more »